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Our Chairman 
Dr.Rajaram Jaipuria

S.A.R.J.S. completes 27 years


Padmabhushan Seth Mungturam Jaipuria Ji

Father of the Founder (Padmabhushan Seth Mungturam Jaipuria Ji)

Seth Anandram Jaipuria Ji

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What do we find, looking back over this period of twenty seven years? What are our impressions and feelings? The aims and intentions of our founders have been, and are being, translated into reality. There is an abundance of achievement: people, events, challenges and honours.

Expressed in simpler down-to-earth terms, these achievements may be summarised as the establishment of a well known and highly rated day school; students who are smart and disciplined; distinguished results at the ICSE and ISC levels; honours in the debating halls and on the playing fields; numerous ex-Jaipurians in the I.I.T.s; the medical and the engineering colleges. There is much to be satisfied about. And we are satisfied; but not content. We cannot rest content; for every achievement is an incentive for further effort; an impetus for further striving, and inspiration for further excellence.

But there is still something more, something that goes beyond the school uniform; something intangible but real; something deeper, more vital and enduring: the flowering of a quality that can only be expressed by the term "Jaipurian" – an idea, a concept, a dream, a reality. Something that cannot be missed, something that cannot be forgotten; something that endures and becomes stronger with the passage of time.

It is this Jaipurian spirit, which provides the link between the past, the present and the future. And to it we dedicate this Web Site, for it embodies not only the aspirations of our founders and the striving of our students and teachers, but also the scope and opportunity for these which have been provided by the good-faith of the parents.

And in this way this Web Site is a small tribute to all.

Programme for
27'th Founders Day

2 November

3:30 pm : Arrival of the Chief Guest : Maha Mahim Shri Vishnukant Shastri ( Governor  -U.P.)
Guard of Honour by NCC & Band
Visit to the Exhibition

3:45 pm : SPEECHES
Welcome speech by 
Dr. Rajaram Jaipuria
Report of the School by the Principal
Prize Distribution (Details)
Address by the Chief Guest
Vote of Thanks

4:30 pm : Cultural Programme

7:30 pm :
National Anthem

3rd November

 JOSA Programme

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Our Principal
Mr. Dinkar Singh

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